Emma Boyle

PicMonkey Image22

TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS: 2 stone 5 lbs/ 33 lbs / 15 kg (the equivalent in weight to 4 human heads + a Guinea pig!)

ACHIEVED THROUGH: Circuit Training, Boot Camp, Boxing Fitness, Nutrition, Spartan 70: 10 Week Boot Camp Transformation Programme

15M MSFT (BEEP TEST): Level 9.2 (August 2016) – 11.7 (July 2017)

“I first started boxing fitness which was great fun, a brilliant work out and everyone in the class was so friendly. This made it so much easier for me and I started the other classes. My fitness has improved so much, I can now achieve things with my body that I never thought I could – such as chin ups!! I love Ord Hill Boot Camp which has been invaluable in improving my running technique and getting me a sub 24 min 5k! Alan’s knowledge of fitness and nutrition is unsurpassed and has helped me achieve so much more than my physical goals”

July 2017


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