Poem: A day in the Life of M.E.



My hands are so cold

My limbs are so weak

It’s time to be bold

For the future looks bleak


Muscles ache and burn

Words no longer flow

How do I forget

I can feel so low?


The body’s so sluggish

I must scream and shout

It all makes me wonder

What life’s all about?




Glands are so swollen

The throat is so sore

I break down in tears

I can’t bear much more


At night so depressed

Feeling all alone

Awake in the dark

And sick to the bone




The pain’s not forever

The illness will go

But not overnight

As recovery is slow


I’ll not let it beat me

I’ve grown strong and tough

That’s what is needed

When I’ve had enough


Embracing each day

What an awesome task!

At least I’m alive

What more can I ask?




Alan J. Goodwin 2001



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