Lesley Gallagher

Lesley Gallagher (before & after)

TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS: 1 stone 6 lbs/ 20 lbs / 9.1 kg (the equivalent in weight to 30 tins of soup or 30 human hearts)

ACHIEVED THROUGH: 1-2-1 Personal Training, Circuit Training, Boot Camp, Nutrition, Spartan 70: 10 Week Boot Camp Transformation Programme

15M MSFT (BEEP TEST): Level 5.4 (May 2016) – 8.8 (November 2017)

“As a runner, when I developed knee problems, I thought my days of exercising were over. I started gaining weight and I felt miserable. Thank goodness a friend took me along to Alan’s classes. The sessions were amazing. The group are so welcoming and supportive. I learned good technique and discovered just how important developing core strength is. Over the past two years I’ve now completed Alan’s five week Gladiator programme, I’ve had PT sessions and I’ve just signed up for my second 10 week transformation programme: Spartan 70. Wanting to be as strong as I can be is definitely now part of my life. I love every minute of it and I would encourage anyone to speak to Alan Goodwin today about what you can achieve”

November 2017


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