Malcolm Mackay

Malcolm Mackay (before & after)

TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS: 2 stone 4 lbs / 32 lbs / 15kg (the equivalent in weight to 7.5 2 litre bottles of coke or a Staffordshire bull Terrier)

ACHIEVED THROUGH: 1-2-1 Personal Training, Nutrition 

“I started 1-2-1 training with Alan towards the end of 2016 (several months after my 60th birthday). I had always lived an active lifestyle, but my weight started to increase in recent years. Somehow, I found myself over 90kg for the first time, and I was miserable! I often felt bloated after meals and I was experiencing lower back. My sleep pattern was poor and I felt out of balance. Given my age, I was sceptical about being able to lose weight and how much I could get my fitness back. Alan made the process very straight forward and he broke the training, and the nutrition, down so that I was clear on what I had to do, and he has been with me every step of the way. With Alan’s help, I’ve learned to respect my body, I feel younger, faster, fitter and happier…and I’ve lost well over 2 stone”

May 2017


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