Malcolm Mackay

Malcolm Mackay (before & after)

TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS: 2 stone 4 lbs / 32 lbs / 15kg (the equivalent in weight to 7.5 2 litre bottles of coke or a Staffordshire bull Terrier)

ACHIEVED THROUGH: 1-2-1 Personal Training, Nutrition 

“I started 1-2-1 training with Alan towards the end of 2016 (several months after my 60th birthday). I had always lived an active lifestyle, but my weight started to increase in recent years. Somehow, I found myself over 90kg for the first time, and I was miserable! I often felt bloated after meals and I was experiencing lower back. My sleep pattern was poor and I felt out of balance. Given my age, I was sceptical about being able to lose weight and how much I could get my fitness back. Alan made the process very straight forward and he broke the training, and the nutrition, down so that I was clear on what I had to do, and he has been with me every step of the way. With Alan’s help, I’ve learned to respect my body, I feel younger, faster, fitter and happier…and I’ve lost well over 2 stone”

May 2017


Donna Harvie

Donna Harvie (before & after)

TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS: 2 stone 7.5 lbs/ 35.5 lbs / 15.8 kg (the equivalent in weight to 3.5 adult Maltese dogs or 150 Starbucks blueberry muffins)

ACHIEVED THROUGH: Circuit Training, Boot Camp, Nutrition, Spartan 70: 10 Week Boot Camp Transformation Programme

15M MSFT (BEEP TEST): Level 4.6 (May 2016) – 8.6 (November 2017)

“The Spartan experience has been amazing, I have enjoyed every single class & I especially enjoyed the variation covered through the different training disciplines. I am so happy with my results and I feel so much better for it. It’s made me very aware of how bad my eating habits were and it has given me a lot more confidence within myself. All the classes were very well instructed and explained so clearly. As far as I am concerned, I could not have achieved this without the great coaching from Alan – he has so much knowledge. I have signed up for the next Spartan classes in January 2018, which I can’t wait to get back into”

November 2017

Lesley Gallagher

Lesley Gallagher (before & after)

TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS: 1 stone 6 lbs/ 20 lbs / 9.1 kg (the equivalent in weight to 30 tins of soup or 30 human hearts)

ACHIEVED THROUGH: 1-2-1 Personal Training, Circuit Training, Boot Camp, Nutrition, Spartan 70: 10 Week Boot Camp Transformation Programme

15M MSFT (BEEP TEST): Level 5.4 (May 2016) – 8.8 (November 2017)

“As a runner, when I developed knee problems, I thought my days of exercising were over. I started gaining weight and I felt miserable. Thank goodness a friend took me along to Alan’s classes. The sessions were amazing. The group are so welcoming and supportive. I learned good technique and discovered just how important developing core strength is. Over the past two years I’ve now completed Alan’s five week Gladiator programme, I’ve had PT sessions and I’ve just signed up for my second 10 week transformation programme: Spartan 70. Wanting to be as strong as I can be is definitely now part of my life. I love every minute of it and I would encourage anyone to speak to Alan Goodwin today about what you can achieve”

November 2017

Emma Boyle

PicMonkey Image22

TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS: 2 stone 5 lbs/ 33 lbs / 15 kg (the equivalent in weight to 4 human heads + a Guinea pig!)

ACHIEVED THROUGH: Circuit Training, Boot Camp, Boxing Fitness, Nutrition, Spartan 70: 10 Week Boot Camp Transformation Programme

15M MSFT (BEEP TEST): Level 9.2 (August 2016) – 11.7 (July 2017)

“I first started boxing fitness which was great fun, a brilliant work out and everyone in the class was so friendly. This made it so much easier for me and I started the other classes. My fitness has improved so much, I can now achieve things with my body that I never thought I could – such as chin ups!! I love Ord Hill Boot Camp which has been invaluable in improving my running technique and getting me a sub 24 min 5k! Alan’s knowledge of fitness and nutrition is unsurpassed and has helped me achieve so much more than my physical goals”

July 2017

Spartan 70: 10 Week Boot Camp Transformation Programme

Louise Taylor (side) week 1 & week 10
Louise Taylor (front) week 1 & week 10


18 lbs (1 stone 4 lbs) – the equivalent to the average car tyre or a 40″ flat screen TV!!


* week 1: 141/89 (hypertensive)
* week 10: 109/82 (ideal range)

* week 1: 37
* week 10: 34



* week 1: L 3.7
* week 10: L 5.3


Shona Calder (side) Week 1 & Week 10

Shona Calder (front) Week 1 & Week 10


14.5 lbs (1 stone 0.5 lbs) – the equivalent to 13 full pints of beer!!


* week 1: 138/92 (hypertensive)
* week 10: 120/87 (ideal range)


* week 1: 31
* week 10: 28


* week 1: L 5.4
* week 10: L 7.6


Shona Calder (side) Week 1 & Week 10


9 lbs – the equivalent to a large watermelon!!


* week 1: 150/93 (hypertensive)
* week 10: 136/87 (almost ideal range)

* week 1: 29
* week 10: 27



* week 1: L 6.4
* week 10: L 7.8


Donna Harvie (side) Week 1 & Week 10


15.5 lbs (1 stone 1.5 lbs) – the equivalent to a medium sized bowling ball + an average sized table lamp


* week 1: 127/76 (ideal range)
* week 10: 124/68 (ideal range)

* week 1: 25.5
* week 10: 23



* week 1: L 7.4
* week 10: L 8.6


5 (b)

“You won’t worry about your fitness level at Alan’s classes. I had some fears before I begun but they have long since vanished. Alan will make you feel at ease and caters for everyone’s level of fitness. For the first time, I look forward to exercising and always feel good after a class. The group is very friendly, welcoming and encouraging which again is a contributing factor. Alan is serious and professional in his approach but we always have a good laugh. If anyone is thinking of coming to the classes I would highly recommend them” 

(Eilidh Ross)


“I enjoyed my first PT session – I’m going to be sore tomorrow! No pain no gain they say! Huge thanks to my instructor Alan Goodwin for putting me through my paces. If you want to get fit in a fun, welcoming and non-judgemental environment, this is for you. Check out the Facebook page. Here’s to a fitter new me”                     

(Colin Graham)


“If you are looking for a fun but meaningful workout, then Alan’s boot camps are what you need! A great mix of different exercises that will use the whole body and push you to your limits. Alan makes each class worthwhile – a great way to stay fit!”                       

(Stuart Mackinnon)


 “Alan’s friendly, engaging nature combined with his enthusiasm and knowledge of fitness makes for a unique and involving well-being and social experience. He provides an interesting and safe environment which pitches fitness at all levels of capacity and challenges the participants to better themselves while having fun! I would definitely recommend Alan’s classes to my friends” 

(Martin Devlin)                                                    


“Alan has helped me gain confidence in carrying out exercises I had avoided in the past due to lack of understanding of the exercises and the benefits of them. Alan is great at keeping everyone motivated and is quick to notice if you need any encouragement when your enthusiasm or drive dwindles. I have never felt bored and I now look forward to my sessions – something I have never been able to say about exercise in the past! Alan’s classes and 1-2-1 sessions, combined with his advice on diet and nutrition, has helped me lose 2 stone in four months”   

(Emily Shorten)


 “Just a note to say how much I enjoy attending Alan’s classes. The sessions are well laid out with a great variety of exercises and unlike many gym sessions I’ve attended, the outdoor scenery at the Boot Camps certainly made a welcome change. Alan is a keen, knowledgeable instructor who for me got the balance of exercises right. I would certainly be interested in continuing attending”   

(Barry Mackellaich)



Nick Scroggie

Nick Scroggie (before & after)

TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS:  1 stone 3 lbs/ 17 lbs/ 7.7 kg (the equivalent to 3 large chihuahuas)

ACHIEVED THROUGH: Circuit Training, Boot Camp, Body Weight Strength Training, Nutrition

15M MSFT (BEEP TEST): level 7.3 (April 2015) – 8.7 (December 2015)

I am much fitter, can stretch much further, have lost weight and am in better shape all round than I have been for a long time. The classes are always different, fun and it doesn’t matter how bad you are (and I was bad when I started) Alan encourages and helps”

February 2016



Shona Calder


TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS: 3.5 stone/ 49 lbs / 22.2 kg (the equivalent in weight to 5 medium sized bowling balls or a Border Collie + a large house cat)

ACHIEVED THROUGH: Circuit Training, Boot Camp, Boxing Fitness, Nutrition, Spartan 70: 10 Week Boot Camp Transformation Programme

15M MSFT (BEEP TEST): Level 5.2 (April 2015) – 7.6 (July 2017)

At the start of 2015, I decided this was to be my time and I was going to turn my life around! 3.5 stone has gone as well as my new higher levels of fitness – it has made me a more confident person. Alan is a great mentor to have, he is full of life. The knowledge he has on his subject is incredible and, at times, he thinks he is a comedian – that adds the fun part to his classes”

July 2017

Catherine Donald

Catherine Donald (Before & After)

WEIGHT LOSS: 11 lbs/ 5 kg (equivalent to 1 medium sized bowling ball)

ACHIEVED THROUGH: Circuit Training, Boot Camp, Boxing Fitness, Body Weight Strength Training, Nutrition

15M MSFT (BEEP TEST): 6.4 (April 2015) – 8.0 (September 2015)

“I never enjoyed exercise until I signed up for Alan’s boot camps, went to my first one and was hooked. Not only has it improved my physical strength and fitness but also my self-esteem is higher than it has ever been. That’s not only due to Alan but the fantastic folk who do his boot camps”

February 2016